So, are you wanting to start a tech company without any money? So, then this article is for you!!!

How do you even start a business without money?

How to start a tech company without any money

So yes, there are basically to options. 1. Make the product yourself, 2. Get money to hire freelancers, in this article we will talk about the second option! And how can you make that piece of money!

So, how do you get that money?

First, the option that I took was Blogging! Yes, start blogging about your niche, so that wen you lunch your product you already have an audience!

And the best thing is that you can blog for free! Just use blogger and monetize it. (You will need to be selected in google AdSense), or just monetize it with amazon affiliate!

Now, start writing articles about your niche to get the audience and ask them to follow you on Instagram, so then at soon you get the product done, you can post on Instagram and let them know! hey what is better than organic clients? Nothing!

So, you already start getting clients, like basically first day!



So, you made the money needed to get your product done! But now what do I do to get people to actually use my product?

Let’s say you don’t really have money to advertise in google ads or Instagram. But what if you could do that for free?

Yes, with the audience you already have, they may be interested on your product! And get the founding from their to start advertising! 


Now what if the advertising was a complete failure?

Well, you still have a chance! Don’t give up!

You can keep blogging just that about your product, or at list mention it!

Keep going until you will start seeing the results. Basically, your getting paid to advertise your product, I mean what an offer right?


Now, that I did it! What now?

Well, you keep going until you start hiring people! And grow your business.

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