Netac Ram memory ddr4 memory 3600mhz ddr4 RGB ecc 3200MHz 3600mhz 8GBx2 16GB 32GB XMP 1.35v


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RAM DDR4 RGB Gaming Memory Ram XMP2.0 .There are two rams per order

memória ram ddr4 8GB 16GB ram memory DDR4 memoria ram ddr4 3200mhz DDR4 3600mhz with heat sink rams xmp for kit x99 xeon




Netac gaming RGB memory provides stunning DDR4 overclocking performance and coolest gaming style for players.


Smooth computer experience










Game competition, video playback and editing, graphic design.

High frequency performance, high speed operation.

3200-3600MHz multiple high frequency specifications,Instantly improve computer response speed, calmly respond to diversified needs such as large-scale games and post-production

Support XMP one-click overclocking.

3200MHz,3600MHz memory supports Intel XMP2.0, players can easily achieve overclocking.

Our memory products are 100% speed tested and have a lifetime warranty. This allows your Intel or AMD system to complete memory upgrades easily and hassle-free.

Passed the lighting effect certification of the four major manufacturers of Asus, MSI, Gigabyte, and ASRock,Support lighting effect synchronization linkage and personalized settings, enjoy the dreamlike light and shadow art.

Gaming RGB Ram Memory NETAC memory uses stylish heat sinks, cool and novel, and shows a public aesthetic, so that your system is full of modern flavor.

Lifetime warranty, worry-free service

Since the date of purchase, Netac provides customers with a lifetime warranty service for memory modules. In addition, whether it is product-related or technical operation encountered any problems,Netac will try our best to solve it for you, so you don’t have to worry about it.


Product details

Q:How to reach the nominal frequency?

  A:1. Open XMP in the BIOS to reach the nominal frequency.

2. Check the memory frequency,open the software: CPU Z, “Frequency”-“DRAM Frequency” is displayed as half of the frequency, which is normal, You need to multiply this frequency x2 to get the real operating frequency of the memory.

The reason is that CPU Z only displays the one-way frequency when reading the memory speed, and the memory is actually two-way up and down channels.

e.g. DRAM Frequency 1599.6MHz ,The actual frequency is 3200MHz

Q:I bought high-frequency memory, but the motherboard does not support that high. Is it downward compatible?

  A:Can be used, backward compatible.If you buy DDR4-3200 frequency memory, the motherboard uses B360, the motherboard only supports up to 2666MHz,  the memory will work at 2666MHz.


































































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Memory Capacity

3200MHZ 8GBx2, 3200MHZ 16GBx2, 3600MHZ 8GBx2


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