RCE SSD 1tb 120gb 240gb 480gb 500gb SSD HDD 2.5'' SSD SATA SATAIII 480gb 120GB Internal Solid State Drive for Laptop Desktop


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RCE SSD 1TB 120GB 240 GB 480GB 500GB SSD HDD 2.5” SSD SATA SATAIII 480GB 120GB Internal Solid State Drive for Laptop Desktop

* It’s just that the shell color is different, the performance is the same !!


* High-quality TLC flash, combined with industry- leading high-quality controller.

* 7mm Metal case, easy to install in desktop laptop computers.

* Suitable for desktops,notebooks, mini computers, all-in-ones, and other commercial PC.

* The shock-proof, durable, and extremely reliable SSD represents the absolute best quality in the field.

Make computer upgrades easier and giving You the space to storeapplications,photo and files

Play A Game Fast Enough For Office

Game Office drawing every minute counts

you need a strong memory for you

Powerful Performance

Enjoyable Experience

SATA 3 Interface

Super fastread≀ite speed

Put an end to game lagging

Compleely crusha the traditional mechanical hard drives in read/write speed

RCESSD: Writing speed:500MB/s(Max)   Reading speed:550MB/s(Max)

Mechanical Hard Drive: Writing speed:54MB/s   Reading speed:120MB/s

Powerful Compatiblety

Support: Windows, MacOS, Linux and other systems

Test Result

1) We used the SATA III interface and SATA III cable for speed testing on a specially configured desktop, but did not Operating system.The test results are for reference ONLY.

2) SATA 3.0 SSD tested on SATA 2.0 interfaces and SATA 2.0 cables will be slower than 300MB/S, laptops will be unstable and less stable than desktops. Different test platforms and test software versions may have different results.

3)Warm reminder:the test result of the above test data under the 2.5 interface ,the data is for reference only,subject to actual conditions


Before you use it please right click “My computer-Management-Device manager-disc drive” and can find our SSD. Please do the format and partition.

SSD Of Laptop

1.Turn off the power,use a screwsdiver ,remove the screws and backplane.

2.Remove the laptop battery power.



Información adicional

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SSD Capacity

32GB Black, 64GB Black, 120GB Black, 128GB Black, 240GB Black, 256GB Black, 480GB Black, 512GB Black, 960GB Black, 1T Black, 2TB Black


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