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Download ShadowTask here in google play (Android Only): shadowtask


At Shadowtask, we’re passionate about our users’ productivity. As a simple yet powerful task manager, Shadowtask helps you organize your day and be productive, whether it’s work or personal tasks.

What is ShadowTask

ShadowTask is a simple and powerful task manager.

It is designed to help you become more efficient at getting things done. It will help you organize your tasks and quickly add new ones. You can prioritize tasks, schedule them.

ShadowTask has all the features you need to get things done:

– Organize your tasks in projects or categories and group them by any criteria (tags, dates, etc.).

– Schedule tasks for today, tomorrow or any other day of the week. You can also set the priority level of each task (high/medium/low).

– Prioritize tasks manually or automatically based on their due date or other factors (like importance).

Why use ShadowTask

in ShadowTask you get to organize your task in a more efficient and simple way! ShadowTask was made in order for you to be more efficient in what you do best, what you do in your everyday routine, or you can organize everything! meetings, work, home work, etc.


How was ShadowTask started

ShadowTask was made with few things in mind. Have a simple yet powerful task manager! So by its simplicity ShadowTask can help you organize your daily tasks in a really short period because of its simple UX (User Experience).


Who made ShadowTask

the developers at theshadowtech, developed ShadowTask!


more info in google play