So, you are searching for a graphics cards, but you can’t find a good deal. Or you just don’t have an good idea of what graphics cards to get.

Where to get graphics cards

So that’s why in this article you will learn and have a clear understanding of what graphics cards to buy and where to get a graphics cards !

What graphics cards should I get?

So to start you need to see what do you really need. Do you need a really high end graphics cards in order to play in 4k 120 fps, etc. or you just want to play.

So if you want the hardcore gaming, I would recommend a RTX 3060 to RTX 3090.

If you just want to play, I would recommend a GTX 1660 super or ti.

Where to get graphics cards

Well, there are some options, I made the research for you!

You can find them here:

RTX 3060: Rtx 3060

RTX 3070: Rtx 3070

RTX 3080: Rtx 3080

RTX 3090: Rtx 3090

GTX 1660 super: Gtx 1660 super

GTX 1660 ti: Gtx 1660 ti

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YouTube video you should check: